Based on our own experiences as small business owners, the team behind Pholosang Fee Facilitation Services (Pty) Ltd identified a need for a service that can provide an expedited solution to the perennial problem of late or non-payment by government.

We are passionate about ensuring your problem is resolved because we have been where you are now.


We understand that when government delay payments, businesses experience cash flow problems. Non-payment by government negatively affects all companies, but it is particularly devastating for SMMEs who do not have the reserves that bigger companies have. It inhibits their ability to grow and can even result in them closing their doors permanently.

It can take years before a matter is resolved through the courts and the government entity usually has more resources to spend. We therefore utilise alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including facilitation, negotiation as well as other interventions and engagement with the relevant departments and entities to secure an amicable, expeditous resolution of the dispute. In instances where a resolution cannot be secured, we utilise regulatory bodies to assist. This is quicker and in some instances more cost effective than litigation.

Employees of companies spend an inordinate amount of time pleading with officials to pay their outstanding invoices, usually without success. In addition to providing you with legal advice, our able and committed team steps in and engages with the entity or department on your behalf, enabling your employees to focus on your core business operations.


Christine Qunta

Christine Qunta is the executive chairperson of the Company. She has been an attorney and legal consultant for 32 years. She founded the law firm Qunta Incorporated in 1995 where she practiced until 2008. In 2012 she founded and became CEO of integrated professional services company, Pholosang BEE Resolution Services (Pty) Ltd which renders a range of professional services including legal, corporate governance and B-BBEE. Her areas of expertise are structuring of transactions, advising on the Companies Act and shareholder matters, drafting of complex commercial agreements, advising on corporate governance and BEE consulting. She has over the years advised public entities and government departments on corporate governance and legislative compliance.

Vuyisa Ramphele

Vuyisa Ramphele is an accomplished legal professional, economic transformational agent and corporate governance specialist. She operates at top management level and has served various governing bodies, both in the private and public sector. She has considerable experience in public supply chain management, including state procurement processes. Throughout her career she developed and maintained skills in critical areas, such as, corporate governance which is pivotal to efficiency and the credibility of any business. She is skilled in legislative drafting, drafting of commercial contracts, dispute resolution, conflict management, negotiations, stakeholder management, conducting verifications, compliance assessments, as well as risk assessment & management.

The rest of our team are legal consultants and administrators who are as committed to solving your problem as the team leaders are.

Dr. Onkgopotse JJ Tabane is a communications practitioner and a director of the Company.

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