Your safety and that of our employees are important to us during this pandemic. Much of the initial engagement with you will be through our interactive online system. This means our services can continue during all stages of lockdown. In instances where there is a need for meetings we will use online meeting platforms and where this is not possible, and in person meetings are necessary, we will observe all health protocols prescribed by the government.

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    Through our unique and effective facilitation process, we assist your company to resolve problems of non-payment of your invoices by government.


If you are interested in using our services, you can register without leaving your desk and provide us with enough information to assess your case. Once we have all the necessary documentation, we will do an assesment and inform you whether or not we can take your case. If we do take your case, we will then discuss costs, the way forward and enter into an agreement with you.

Our services


  • provide legal advice
  • provide facilitation services
  • draft legal documentation including settlement agreements
  • engage with relevant third parties on your behalf to resolve your case

Our Value Proposition

Our services help to:

  • secure timely payment of businesses by government
  • remove a major obstacle to growth by SMMEs and other businesses
  • reduce maladministration
  • reduce corruption

Our customised cloud based interactive system is for your convenience and is accessible 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

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