One of the biggest problems experienced by companies who do business with government is the delay in payment of their invoices. While it negatively affects all companies, it is particularly devastating for SMMEs as cashflow is so crucial for their ability to do business and expand.

Employees of companies spend an inordinate amount of time pleading with officials to pay their outstanding invoices, usually without success. This negatively impacts productivity especially in SMMEs.

Many officials have no concern about how their non-payment of service providers creates serious financial problems for such businesses and the broader economic ramifications of such failures.

Often companies are forced to shut down due to delayed or non-payment. Instituting legal proceedings is usually the only route available after internal appeals have been exhausted. Litigation can take years before finalisation and can therefore be costly.

We understand the stress owners of businesses and employees go through due to non-payment of invoices.

We stand ready to assist you to resolve your dispute.

Through legal consultancy and facilitation services we endeavor to provide you with a solution which is quicker than long drawn court processes.

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