Terms and Conditions

The rendering of our services is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before you complete our Request Form.

  1. At this stage we only accept matters that deal with non-payment by the public sector including all 3 tiers of government and public entities.
  2. Payment of your invoice must be outstanding for between sixty days and three years. At our own discretion entirely, we might consider claims outstanding for longer than 3 years.
  3. We will only consider claims of R1 million (One Million Rand) or more.
  4. Your company needs to be tax compliant and have an up to date Tax Clearance Certificate.
  5. If your company operates in an industry in which you are required to have certain regulatory approvals or specific documentation as a condition for processing of payment by the public sector, this will need to be provided to us.
  6. We require that you disclose all relevant information to us and provide all documentation that would assist us to evaluate your matter. We can only assess your case once you have provided all relevant documentation.
  7. Submitting the Request form and any subsequent engagement with you or your company does not mean we have agreed to take your case. Only written confirmation from Pholosang Fee Facilitation Services (Pty) Ltd shall constitute such.

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